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Weis Global Package Delivery : A partner with years of experience

We have been providing the same quality for several companies, institutions and individuals for years. We know that our customers do not just want to send a package, but want to give it off with confidence. That is why we take care of all aspects of delivery.


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Delivering old-fashioned quality means that we go one step further to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the delivery. Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner for all your shipments? Please contact us. 

Weis Package Service has all the necessary certifications and permits to deliver your packages to your customers cheaply, reliably, quickly and easily.



No package, service or delivery address is too crazy for us. If you have a specific wish for your shipment, we will take care of it.

For example, we can handle a small assembly of goods, deliver on difficult to reach delivery addresses and successfully complete your urgent jobs.

Thanks to the all-in-one service from Weis Global Package Delivery, you can be sure that we always go one step further to ensure that you and your customers are satisfied.